Almond Butter - 350 g


The product is 100% natural

The product is 100% natural, with no added salt and sugar

Without palm oil

45.71€ per 1kg
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Olimp Almond Butter prepared from high quality roasted almonds. The product is 100% natural, with no added salt and sugar. Without palm oil. Contains naturally occurring sugars.

Ingredients: 100% roasted almonds.

The product may contain other nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds and products thereof.

Nutrition declaration per 100 g per portion 15 g – 1 tablespoon
Energy 2676 kJ/ 647 kcal 401 kJ/ 97 kcal
of which saturates
57 g
4,3 g
8,5 g
0,6 g
of which sugars
4,8 g
2,4 g
0,7 g
0,4 g
Fibre 8,4 g 1,3 g
Protein 25 g 3,8 g
Salt < 0,01 g < 0,01 g

Dosage: Any - depends on the specific need.

The layer of oil on the surface of the product is natural for almond butter. Mix before consumption.

Olimp Almond Butter is an additive that perfectly matches spicy, sweet and salty flavors. It is most often used for sandwiches, pancakes, pastries, desserts and the preparation of shakes.

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