Iga Baumgart-Witan and Emilia Ankiewicz join the Olimp Team! / NEWS

Iga Baumgart-Witan and Emilia Ankiewicz join the Olimp Team!

Iga Baumgart-Witan and Emilia Ankiewicz join the Olimp Team!

Olimp never slows down, and is always looking for cooperation with talented players from various sports disciplines, who promote sport and a healthy lifestyle with their own achievements and passion.This time we are very pleased to announce that Iga Baumgart-Witan and Emilia Ankiewicz - two Polish representatives in the international arena of athletics – have joined the Olimp Team.

Iga competes in the 400-metre dash (individual and relay).The beginnings of her professional career date back to 2006, and her performances in a junior-high-school athletics competition (Thessaloniki), but her first major medal came in 2017.Then, at the European Indoor Championships (Belgrade), she won the gold medal in the 4 × 400 metres relay.In the same year, several times she took the opportunity to win not only gold (The Super League European Team Championships in Lille and Universiade in Taipei), but silver (The IAAF World Relays in Nassau), and bronze (The World Championships in London).This extremely fruitful season turned into a real success story, and the name Baumgart began to be recognised in the world of professional athletics.


The last two years have brought even-more international trophies for Iga.In 2018, at the European Championships in Berlin, she won gold again.In turn, a year ago (2019), she was a gold laureate at the European Indoor Championships (Glasgow), and again triumphed in the European Team Championships (Bydgoszcz).Again, at last year's World Championships (Doha), she finished the tournament with the silver medal.In addition to such outstanding titles, Iga has triumphed several times in the outdoor and indoor Polish Senior Championships.Her current personal bests

  • Outdoor – 51.02 (1.10.2019 – Doha), which is the fourth-best time in Polish history.
  • Indoor - 51.91 (6.02.2019 - Toruń), which is the second-best time in the history of Polish indoor athletics.

Emilia Ankiewicz also represents Poland in athletics, and specifically in the 400 metres hurdles.Her first successes came in 2013, when she won the bronze medal at the Polish Senior Championships.For the next two years she ended this event in second place, winning the silver medal.In 2015 she won another silver, this time during the Universiade in Gwangju, with a time of 56.55 seconds.Her lifetime record (55.89) allowed her to qualify for the 2016 Olympic semi-finals in Rio de Janeiro.Moreover, Emilia can proudly proclaim the gold-medal win at the Polish Indoor Championships in the 4 × 400 m relay in 2018.


Both athletes love sport, and couldn’t function without physical activity!Iga and Emilia are preparing for next season - we hope that cooperation with Olimp Sport Nutrition, and using professional supplementation in their daily diet, will prove to be valuable support on the way to achieving their goals!Follow our social media to stay updated on the preparations of the Olimp Team players!We keep our fingers crossed, and we believe in you!