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Creatine and training – what should be added? Increase your results!

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Creatine and training – what should be added? Increase your results!

The use of creatine by athletes should not surprise anyone. It is one of the best-researched substances, whose beneficial effect on the increase of physical fitness has been repeatedly confirmed by the results of many scientific studies. Is there a way to increase its effectiveness? With what is it worth to combine creatine for strength and endurance training to guarantee better results?

Creatine and training – what should be added? Dextrose

Experts often mention that when using creatine during strength training, carbohydrates will turn out to be a good addition to the diet. Dextrose deserves special attention, which apart from its effect on the replenishment of exhausted glycogen in the muscles, may prove to be helpful as a creatine transporter. What should dextrose be combined with? In the context of supporting creatine function it is recommended to use magnesium and taurine.


The above-mentioned substances can be obtained in the form of a single supplement, the best example of which is the Olimp Sport Nutrition Dextrex Juice. It is a powdered product with a refreshing fruity taste, which when dissolved in water makes it possible to prepare a delicious drink. Very good solubility of the product allows you to enrich it with the mentioned creatine, thus providing a valuable complex of ingredients for your fitness.

Creatine and training – what should be added? Protein supplements

It has been known for a long time that protein plays an important role in the daily diet. Protein is a fundamental component of a varied diet, which enables growth and maintenance of the current muscle mass. In combination with creatine supplementation during regular strength training, there is a good chance to increase efficiency while working on a muscular body.


In the case of protein supplements, the choice is extremely simple - Whey Protein Complex from Olimp Sport Nutrition has not only an amazing taste, but also two fractions of whey protein. The mixture of classic WPC concentrate and WPI isolate, which is characterised by different absorption kinetics, will provide the muscles with optimal and evenly distributed release of the contained nutrients.

Creatine and training – what should be added? Pre-workout supplements

During intensive exercise, which is aimed at stimulating muscle hypertrophy, additional support will always be helpful. Creatine may not be enough, so it is worth combining it with products popularly referred to as pre-workout supplements. Usually these are blends of several active substances, which are designed to, for example, cause a muscle pump effect, reduce the feeling of fatigue, or maintain a proper energy metabolism.


In the case of the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand offer, the Redweiler pre-workout supplement, which is a comprehensive and well-thought-out blend of many active ingredients, deserves special attention. The product includes, among others: AAKG, beta-alanine, caffeine, B vitamins and highly standardised plant extracts. The formula also includes a small addition of creatine (monohydrate and TCM malate), which prove the validity of combining this active substance with the above-mentioned substances. For those who like convenience, there is a handy R-Weiler Shot, which can be easily taken to the gym and will work as effectively as the powdered version.