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Protein for women. Which is worth choosing?

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Protein for women. Which is worth choosing?

Are protein supplements reserved for men only? Nothing could be further from the truth! Protein for women is equally important and is one of the main components of a daily diet, which will allow you to effectively increase and maintain your muscle mass.

Which sources of protein for women are worth considering?

Physically active women should reach for protein that is rich in amino acids. Many specialists unanimously point out that one of the best sources of protein for women will be whey - undoubtedly the most popular raw material in high-protein supplements, which has been the choice of many athletes around the world for many years. No wonder, because eating high-quality whey does not cause digestion problems. In addition, it is well absorbed by the body and contains a varied and complete amino acid profile.


A convenient and tasty source of whey will turn out to be protein supplements, which allow to provide complete protein in the form of a high-protein shake. Whey Protein Complex 100% by Olimp Sport Nutrition is a unique combination of whey concentrate and whey isolate, which, thanks to a different rate of absorption, allows for an even release of the contained amino acids and the delivery of essential nutritients. The product is available in many excellent flavours, and its seamless solubility allows you to use this dietary supplement popular among active people not only to prepare protein shakes. The supplement, created in modern laboratories of Olimp Laboratories pharmaceutical company, can be successfully used as an addition to oatmeal, pancakes, fruit cocktails or various cakes and baked goods.

Protein for women and its benefits

There is no doubt that protein is one of the fundamental macro nutrients of daily nutrition. Therefore, protein in the diet of women is equally important. First of all, protein contributes to the maintenance and growth of existing muscle mass, which makes it possible to maintain an athletic body shape. In addition, protein has satiating properties that help reduce the feeling of excessive hunger and thus facilitate the work on a lean body.


It should not be forgotten that maintaining the right amount of protein in a daily diet can lead to maintaining healthy bones. It is worth adding that complete proteins are a rich source of amino acids, such as BCAA and L-glutamine, which are one of the fundamental components of muscle tissue.

How many servings of protein will be suitable for women?

The daily amount of protein for women should be selected individually for each trainee. Age, body weight, current level of physical activity, type of training and the discipline being practiced are just some of the factors that can affect the daily protein content of the diet. Nevertheless, women, like men, may assume that the amount of protein ranging from 1.8 to 2 g/kg of body weight will be sufficient for regular workouts of moderate intensity.