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Supplementation for vegans. How to enrich the vegan diet?

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Supplementation for vegans. How to enrich the vegan diet?

The plant-based diet and the abandonment of the consumption of animal products is no longer a surprising trend. The popularity of veganism in recent years has been growing enormously. However, those taking the first steps with a new diet should know that the withdrawal of certain foods can be associated with a lack of essential active substances. What should a supplementation for vegans include in order to ensure maximum coverage of the daily diet?

Is supplementation for vegans really necessary?

The transition to a vegan diet must be carefully thought through and carried out, so that the meat-eater can adapt to a completely new diet. You should slowly and systematically give up further foods, which should be replaced by their vegan counterparts. You must be aware, however, that supplementation for vegans is sometimes the only valuable solution for supplying the missing nutrients.

Supplementation for vegans – protein supplements

The removal of meat, fish, eggs and all kinds of dairy products can send a clear signal about the risk of protein deficiencies in the daily diet. Although plant-based sources of protein are perceived as being of inferior value, in fact, they are increasingly common in the dietary plans and sports diets of people consuming animal products. It is important to maintain a varied diet, and meals containing tofu, beans, lentils or chickpeas turn out to be satiating, like a solid portion of meat. Let's not forget that protein has a very important function for the body - it supports growth and maintenance of the existing muscle mass, as well as maintaining healthy bones.


Does the supplementation for vegans therefore require the use of products that will supplement the daily diet with complete protein? The Olimp Sport Nutrition brand offers two completely plant-based protein supplements that can be used as an alternative source of protein. The first is Sojavit 85 containing a high-quality soya protein isolate, the second is Veggie Protein Complex, a blend of pea, brown rice and pumpkin seeds. Both products are prepared according to the necessary safety standards and with the help of innovative technology in the modern Research and Development Centre of the Olimp Laboratories pharmaceutical company. The raw materials used in the production of the above-mentioned dietary supplements are of high quality and have been tested for purity, including the presence of dangerous heavy metals.

Supplementation for vegans – how to use the vegan protein?

Protein supplements are a complement to the daily diet, not the basis for a varied diet. A portion size specified by the manufacturer can be dissolved in water or plant milk or used as an addition to other meals (e.g. fruit and vegetable shakes, baked goods, oatmeal, pancakes). The daily number of portions should be adjusted to individual needs. In order to maintain a favourable level of amino acid concentration, vegan protein supplements are recommended to be used daily, with particular attention to the post-workout time.